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It is well documented that poor air quality and poor ventilation are major causes of respiratory conditions in nearly all species of animals when kept in an enclosed environment. CIRCAIR introduces twin concepts of ventilation and circulation to transport boxes, qualities that are poorly represented in conventional boxes. By fitting CIRCAIR you can improve the conditions inside your transport box, thereby helping to reduce stress and the possible onset of respiratory problems.
CIRCAIR has two simple functions.

  1. Rudimentary temperature and humidity control.
  2. The reduction of harmful pathogens, gases, odours and dust, (stale air).

CIRCAIR is an exhaust ventilation system that creates a slight negative pressure within the transport box, allowing fresh clean air to be drawn in. The airflow through the box is minimal so should not disturb the enclosed bird or animal.
As CIRCAIR has been designed to draw stale air out of the box, it is important that the transport box has sufficient ventilation holes at the top and bottom.
*It is also important that the area around the box is kept free of obstructions and is well ventilated*.
CIRCAIR can be fitted to most types of transport box as a single Exhaust Module or an Exhaust Perch.
In the case of avian boxes it is recommended that the CIRCAIR is mounted on the lower third of the box, either on the door or below the standard perch if fitted, or as a new Exhaust Vented perch.

*Please note that it is the operators responsibility to ensure that the ambient air being drawn into the box is of good quality, exhaust fumes are a potential risk to your bird and it is recommended that the unit is turned off in heavy traffic.*



Product Price Structure
CIRCAIR module + control box with 3m coiled power extension lead.
£75.00 + P&P
CIRCAIR Large / Eagle module.
£80.00 +P&P
CIRCAIR Retrofit perch + control box with 3m coiled extension.
£95.00 + P&P
Completed travel box with built in CIRCAIR perch + control box.
£195.00 + P&P


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